Social Media Audit (TikTok and Instagram)

Struggling to get traction on your author page? Need some 1:1 guidance on your TikTok and/or Instagram profile? 

I (Shelby Leigh) will review your profile, and record a video just for you with personalized tips and recommendations based on your profile and genre!

You are putting so much time and effort into selling your books and sharing content on social media! Let's make sure you aren't making mistakes that could hold back your progress and results.

I'll help you:

  • Perfect your social media bio
  • Optimize your videos and posts, including captions and hashtags
  • Make suggestions to improve your current and future content to help you sell your books and grow your following
  • Answer any questions/concerns you have about TikTok or Instagram

What you'll receive:

A comprehensive video walkthrough of your social media platform with tips from me on how to improve your profile/bio and content to see more engagement, reach and sales

What authors have said:

I just went over the video for the fifth time (!)  You are amazing! Truly. So much to take away that will improve what I do - I've already changed a few things in the profile - THANK YOU! Honestly, this was the best marketing money I've spent so far this year.

"Thank you so much for this video. I think the audit itself was so insightful and your delivery via video really was effective. I'm going to get to work and put these into place. Thank you again so, so much. This was worth every penny and I truly appreciate your insights and time!" -Callie Chase, Author

"Shelby was absolutely wonderful to work with! Her social media audit was thorough and she provided suggestions and changes that I could easily implement. She willingly answered all my questions and is very knowledgeable in this space. I would recommend working with her!" -Courtney Youngbar, @carolina_poetry

My experience

I've been using TikTok for 3 years and Instagram for 7 years and have grown my audience to more than half a million followers and 50k+ books sold through social media. With a marketing degree and years of social media management experience, I know what works on social media and am here to help other authors succeed!

Book your audit today and I'll get back to you within 7 days with your video audit so you can start making social media work for you and sell more books.

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 get one audit of your tiktok OR instagram profile
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 get an audit of BOTH your tiktok and instagram profiles
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 audit of BOTH TikTok and Instagram profiles PLUS 4 hours of text/audio message support where you can ask me anything, dive into your analytics, and create a book marketing strategy for you moving forward
 $195.00 USD

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