why should i become a member?

we're a community of 100+ poets (of all experience levels) here to support each other, learn, and grow in our craft. if you've never written a poem before, or you've written 1000 poems, you'll be inspired to write and learn through our monthly workshops, prompts, and challenges. plus, you'll join a private community to gain support and ask questions. 

plus, you'll get access to self-publishing resources, book marketing tips, and more to help you on your journey as an author.

when you sign up, you'll get immediate access to our upcoming workshops, write-ins, workshop replays, prompts and challenges, and more.

as a bonus, annual members get personalized feedback on a page of poetry from shelby leigh.

can i cancel anytime?

yes! you can cancel anytime. please refer to our refund policy below.

do i have to write poetry?

no! we have members who prefer writing fiction and other genres, too. you can use our prompts, workshops and challenges to inspire all types of writing. we don't care if you've never written before. we want to inspire you to be creative and write what you want to write.

do i have to share my poetry?

nope! you'll never be required to share your poems if you don't want to. there is time during our workshops to share our work, and poems are often shared in our private community group, but it is never required.

can i gift a membership to a friend or family member?

yes! you can purchase a membership on behalf of a friend or family member. first, purchase the membership and then reach out to us with the intended owner's name and email. we'll then update your user profile so your friend or family member can log in.

what if i can’t attend this month’s workshop?

upon joining, you’ll be asked to take a new member survey to learn about the time zone you’re located in, and the best times for you to attend a workshop. we do our very best to schedule workshops so that as many members can attend as possible. 

all workshops are recorded so you will have access, even if you miss a session!

how can i give feedback on the poetry club?

we always seek feedback from members so we can continue to improve! plus, you can request workshop hosts and lesson topics so you learn what you want to learn! you'll have access to an anonymous survey as a member, as well as direct access to shelby to ask any questions.

i’d like to host a virtual writing workshop! can i?

yes! please send us an email with the following information. you don't need to be a member of the club to be a guest speaker, but we'd love for you to join!

  • your name, short bio, and your poetry experience

  • what you would like to teach a lesson on relating to poetry or publishing

can i switch from a monthly to annual membership?

yes, you can. if you sign up for a monthly and decide you'd like to switch to annual, that's perfectly fine. just let us know and we'll walk you through it!

what is your cancellation and refund policy?

due to the nature of online memberships, monthly memberships cannot be refunded. to cancel your membership, please send us an email letting us know your name, email associated with your account, and that you would like to cancel. we'll cancel your membership and you will immediately lose access to the membership site and private community group, and won't be charged any further!

for annual memberships, you will be prorated a refund based on how many months you’ve already been a member. (for example, if you join in january and cancel in october, you will be refunded for 2 of the 12 months you paid for.) you will immediately lose access to the membership site upon canceling and can expect a refund to be processed within one week. please follow the steps above to cancel your membership.

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unsure about whether the poetry club is right for you? get answers to frequently asked questions about the poetry club!

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