Workbook: Write Your Book's Hook!

Do you know how to effectively communicate your book on social media? In TikTok videos, Instagram posts, and Reels?

Or does it feel like you are just shouting into the void, and not getting the reaction you thought when you post about your book? 

Well, then this workbook is perfect for you!

Introducing... Write Your Book's Hook!


You'll go through quick, fill in the blank exercises that will help you communicate why readers should buy your unique book.

Then, you'll put them into hook templates for TikTok videos and Facebook/Instagram Reels. (Comes with 9 exercises to help you master your messaging and 5 hook templates!)

At the end of this workbook, you'll have 5+ hook ideas and an attention-grabbing summary of your book to use over and over again on social media, in your book description on your website / Amazon, in email marketing...wherever you sell your book!

This workbook was designed to work for all genres, both fiction and non-fiction, to craft messaging that makes readers say, "I NEED THIS BOOK NOW!"

Grab the workbook below.

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