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Have you been feeling lost and alone about getting your poetry book out into the world or pursuing a career as a poet?

You're in the right place!

the poetry club is the low-cost, high-impact poetry community that will help you grow your writing confidence as a poet, and get your book written, published and sold so you can have the poetry career you dream of.

join the waitlist and you'll be the first to know when we open to new members again in 2024!

i'm ready to join!

let me tell you something about poetry…

social media has helped poetry become more widely read and written. millions of people are buying, reading, and loving poetry books because they connect deeply with readers! no matter what you write about—mental health poetry, love and relationships, activism and political issues, nature—there are people out there who need your work.

you can even grow your passion into a career like i (shelby leigh) have! i took something i love, and was able to grow my audience to 500k, sell thousands of poetry books, land book deals for my poetry, and leave my day job to write full-time!

but, it’s not always easy…

if you’re here, you probably have poems to share or a book you want to write, but…

  • you’re unsure if your poems are any good (or if you can even call yourself a poet!) and the imposter syndrome is holding you back from what you can achieve

  • you may be spending more time googling how to make money from poetry and how to publish than actually writing poetry

  • you may be posting your poems on instagram or tiktok and not getting the audience growth you want and the readers you expected

what if i told you there’s a way to achieve the poetry career you want?

i’m shelby and over the last 7 years, i’ve published poetry books that have landed in the top 30 books on all of amazon, hit #1 in poetry overall, landed multiple book deals, and grew my poetry social media pages to more than 500,000 followers.

it’s not easy work and it’s not fast money. but, it is empowering, worthwhile, and amazing to live your dream of being a writer.

i’ve helped over a hundred poets in the poetry club through my poetry book writing outline, self-publishing guidance, and marketing tips to help them launch a poetry book they’re proud of.

i’m here to help you succeed as a poet, whether you want to publish a book and make sales, or you already have published and aren’t seeing the success you’re hoping for. welcome to the club!

Inside the poetry club, you'll learn from award-winning and bestselling poets, find resources to help you write and publish your poetry book, and get support and accountability from other poets.

imagine what it would be like to:

  • learn how to write from bestselling poets so you can improve your skills and be more confident in your work

  • finally hold that poetry book in your hands because you’ve had the accountability, support and guidance to help you publish with ease

  • watch sales of your book coming in because you’ve learned how to market your book and connected with a community of poets who will support you with book reviews

Scroll down to learn more about what’s included in your membership.


What you get:

Workshops: Learn how to write and publish from bestselling poets

Write, learn, and meet other poets through our virtual workshops with bestselling and award-winning poets.

Plus, join us for a monthly write-in, where we hold a welcoming virtual space to write together.

You'll get instant access to workshop replays, including:

  • intro to poetry techniques with shelby leigh
  • poetry book planning with shelby leigh
  • vulnerability in poetry with ari b. cofer
  • changing the speaker of the poem with taylor byas 
  • tarot & poetry with amanda lovelace
  • self-editing and strengthening your poems with shelby leigh
  • ecopoetry with julieanne larick
  • beginnings and endings with elizabeth m. castillo
  • working through creative blocks with danielle langin
  • hybrid poetry with kay e. bancroft
  • moments into metaphors with clara mcgowan
  • viral poems with nikita gill
  • fieldnotes with donovan beck
  • poetry that doesn't sound like a diary entry with blythe baird
  • poetry & place with caitlin conlon
  • writing a poetry book and marketing a poetry book with shelby leigh

Resources to get your book written and launched

Our resource library has worksheets and downloads on how to organize, title, self-publish and launch your book for sales and success.

Plus, new prompts and challenges every month will keep you inspired!

Accountability and support as you write and publish

Our private facebook group is your place to get support and accountability from other like-minded members, find beta readers and early reviewers for your books, share poems, and ask questions.

And these bonuses!

  • Get published in our annual digital magazine (check out 2022's magazine here!)
  • Members of the poetry club receive early access and discounts to shelby's new offers, PLUS 10% off of everything shelby offers to help writers succeed: from poetry editing to author marketing courses and guides.
  • Having your poems & books featured on instagram
  • The chance to be interviewed on shelby's podcast about your poetry & your book

join the waitlist!

Meet your host

Hi, I’m shelby! I’ve been a part of the online poetry community for more than 7 years and have amassed an audience of more than 500,000 readers.

I’m a published author of three poetry books, including the bestselling changing with the tides, which was originally self-published, and is now traditionally published.

And the one thing I really wish I had when I started out?

A community of other poets to talk to and learn with who would hold me accountable to write and publish my books.

A community that understood me and my goals. a platform to share my poems with other writers and get support from someone whose done it: published poetry books, sold thousands, and made a career from being a poet.

It didn't exist for me then, but it does now! The poetry club is a community of poets around the world who are supporting each other, learning through monthly poetry workshops, and getting their books written through writing challenges and prompts.

You can reach out to me anytime during your membership to ask questions and give feedback. Plus, I'm there for you every day in our private facebook group answering your questions, reading your poems, and supporting you on your journey.

How it works

  • Joining the club is $19 per month or $199 for the full year (that's 24 poetry workshops and events!). You can cancel anytime, no questions asked, and the price will never go up for as long as you're a member.
  • You get invites to two virtual events per month: one workshop featuring a guest host and one monthly writing session. Workshops are recorded if you can't make it, and you get replay access for as long as you're a member!
  • Our private membership site houses prompts, writing challenges, past workshop replays, and self-publishing resources to keep you inspired and empower you to write and publish your book!
  • You also get an invite to our private fb group where other members are sharing poems, exchanging beta reads and book reviews, and supporting each other. 

Ready to become a member of the poetry club? Me and 150+ other poets are so excited to welcome you!

Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Please refer to the faq module for any additional questions or reach out to shelby directly.

Doors reopen again soon and spots are limited! Join the waitlist today so you're the first to know when enrollment is open again to the poetry club.

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the poetry club digital magazine

To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of the poetry club, members were invited to submit poems and artwork to be published in the magazine, and you can read it for free. Just click in here!

frequently asked questions

unsure about whether the poetry club is right for you? get answers to frequently asked questions about the poetry club!

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