Course: Digital Marketing Foundations for Writers

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Imagine feeling confident about how to find and connect with your readers. Never again needing to stress about the type of marketing content your readers want to hear. Having a solid email marketing strategy and author website that helps you sell your books.

Real talk: marketing is critical to a successful book. Whether you're self-published or working with a publisher, knowing how to identify and speak to your ideal reader will help you create effective content that tells them why they need your book!

Digital Marketing Foundations for Writers is a foundational course for writers of any genre to reduce the overwhelm of marketing and gain clarity on reaching your readers.

Sweet, short, and simple! You can learn the most important basic concepts of marketing yourself as an author with Shelby's crash course! -@AuthorMDeimos

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Do any of these apply to you?

  1. you're a writer trying to market your book or your writing to find readers and sell your books...but you're not seeing the results you want
  2. you know having a solid marketing presence is important for publishing opportunities and you want to succeed
  3. you're overwhelmed with creating marketing content and need clarity on the types of content that resonate with your readers
  4. you've released a book or want to release a book in the future, but you feel stuck when you think about having to promote it.
  5. you've wanted to try digital marketing strategies like email marketing, building an author website, blogging, podcasts, etc. but you don't know where to start

I created this course for you.

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Course curriculum:

The goal of this course is to teach the fundamentals of digital marketing and spark new ways and ideas for you to find, speak to, and nurture your readers.

Lessons are taught in bite-sized, 10-minute or less videos and text to ensure you learn what you need to know and what will help you most.

The course is self-paced, meaning you can start it immediately, or come back to it whenever is right for you, and will take roughly 2.5 hours to complete (not including the time you'll need to brainstorm and implement the strategies!). 

Module 1: Let's simplify marketing

  • defining digital marketing, types of marketing, and the reader journey to help you gain clarity on what works and what doesn't
  • simplifying marketing to make it less overwhelming, more rewarding, and increase your confidence
  • defining your USP to help you and your writing stand out
  • identifying your ideal reader and speaking to them in a way that resonates
  • key pillars of content marketing and applying everything you've learned to create impactful content

Module 2: Email marketing

  • why email marketing is important for writers in selling your books
  • email marketing platforms, automated funnels and best practices to convert followers to readers and buyers
  • content ideas for your newsletters and techniques to grow your email list
  • metrics: what to watch out for so you can continue delivering value to your readers

Module 3: Expanding your audience off of social media

  • how to find more readers through digital media like podcasts and blogs
  • how to host virtual book launches and readings to nurture and convert your readers

Module 4: Building your author website

  • what you need on your website as a writer looking to grow your audience and sell your books
  • author website fundamentals: website hosting and domains
  • driving traffic from social media to your website with a link page
  • metrics and seo: what to look out for to make sure you're doing this whole website thing right

I'm ready to get started!

"Perfect course to get started on marketing without being overwhelming or use it as a refresher to up your digital game. I enjoyed the action items to put concepts into practice." -Rena Joy, @renajoyauthor

"Shelby has an amazing way of breaking down marketing so that it is tangible and feels accessible. Marketing can feel overwhelming, but Shelby grabs you by the hand and delivers everything you need!" -@raquelfranco.poet


Free bonus module: Intro to social media marketing

  • selecting the right platforms for you and your goals as a writer
  • 5 social media content ideas you can use today

Other free bonus content: 

  • email newsletter template to help your readers feel connected to you
  • 5 email newsletter content ideas to nurture and inspire your readers
  • pitch letter template to land guest podcast and blog opportunities

Meet your instructor:

Hi, I'm shelby leigh, a bestselling writer and marketing strategist!

Shelby smiling with her head in her chin, sitting on a couch in front of a white wall

Over the past 7 years of writing online and 5 years working in social media and content marketing for large brands, I've learned a lot about marketing as a writer, and I'm here to share how I: 

  • grew my online audience to 500,000+ followers
  • sold 40,000+ books in just the past two years, which helped me become a full-time writer
  • self-published my first two books, landed an agent and multiple book deals with traditional publishers

But this didn't happen overnight. My first year as a self-published writer, I sold 1000 copies. Now, there have been single days when I've sold 1000 copies. 

Every day I am asked by other writers how to sell more books and how to grow their audience, so I've created multiple affordable courses for writers packed with value. Because I will always see other writers as my community, not my competition.

I'm so excited to welcome you into my community, too!

And one more thing. I believe in transparency and sustainable marketing, so I'm not here to convince you that you'll replicate the numbers above. It depends on a lot of factors, and I never want to make anyone believe they're going to take my course and have thousands of sales the next day. I do believe it's possible with implementing the skills you'll learn in this course, but it takes time.)

Extra details:

  • This course is self-paced. You can get started right away or whenever is best for you. The course is yours to keep and go through as many time as you'd like.
  • Each lesson has action points, brainstorm sessions, and optional quiz questions to make sure you're learning and implementing as you go.
  • Course lessons are mostly in video format, though some lessons are text-based, and every module has an accompanying workbook for notetaking. Videos have closed captions AND a transcript for those who prefer to read versus listen / watch course content. If you're not a visual learner, think of this course like a podcast!

Money-back guarantee:

I am confident this course will spark new ideas for you and your marketing strategy! But if you decide within 7 days of purchasing that this course isn't for you, send us an email and we will process a refund. No questions asked.

Are you ready to find and connect with more readers?

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Is there anything else I can do to help you feel confident that this course is (or isn't!) the right choice for you? Send me an email and I'll get back to you asap.

8 Modules

module one: let's simplify marketing! (est. time: 33 minutes)

This module provides a brief overview of digital marketing. We'll define key marketing terminology, simplify marketing, define our Unique Selling Point, and identify our target reader. Finally, we'll bring alllll of this together by talking about the key pillars of content marketing and crafting content that resonates with our reader.

bonus: intro to social media marketing (est. time: 10 minutes)

In this mini bonus module, you’ll learn how to choose which social media platforms are right for you based on your target audience, as well as a bonus worksheet with content ideas for writers. 

module two: email marketing for writers (est. time: 30 minutes)

In this module, you'll learn why email marketing is important, how to get your readers onto your email list, how to save time with automations, and how to select an email marketing platform that's right for you.

bonus: email marketing template and content ideas (est. time: <10 minutes)

this bonus module contains an email marketing template for your welcome/lead magnet email, and a worksheet with 5 content ideas!

module three: reaching more people with collaborations (est. time: 20 minutes)

In this module, you'll learn the importance of collaborations and a variety of opportunities like guest blogs, podcasts, and virtual events to increase your reach. Plus, you'll get a customizable pitch letter template!

module four: building your author website (est. time: 33 minutes)

In this module, you'll learn about all things website-related, from what goes on your author website to where to start in buying a domain and building your website, AND an intro to metrics and SEO!

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feedback, support, and affiliate program

if you need technical support or want to be an affiliate for my programs, please visit this module and click into the lesson that best fits your needs!

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