Accelerate Your Author Instagram Guide

Make Instagram work for you: get clarity on building your audience, connecting with readers, and selling your books

[Created by a bestselling author and digital marketer with over 100k on the platform and thousands of books sold]


Here’s the thing:

Instagram has been one of the most popular social media platforms for over a decade and the #Bookstagram (book lovers on instagram!) community is not fading anytime soon, either.

Despite platform changes, Instagram remains one of the BEST places to be as an author.


  • There are so many ways to connect with readers on the app, and so many ways to SELL more than other social media platforms
  • Any author of any audience size can link directly to their products and sell their books, unlike some other popular platforms
  • Organic (not paid) growth is still very possible (My BIGGEST growth (25k to 100k) happened THIS year!)

So that’s why I created this step-by-step guide to help make Instagram work finally work for you (or finally work for you again). Because this platform is too powerful to not be using for your author brand and book sales.

But here’s the thing…

the same ol’ Instagram growth “hacks” and strategies just don’t work the same anymore. Trust me, I know. I’ve been through the low engagement periods, the decreasing followers, and the nearly empty comment section.

I had to switch up my strategy and find what works. And in the last 6 months? I’ve grown from 25k to over 100k followers and sold thousands of books through Instagram.

So if you’re:

  • Experiencing low reach, engagement and sales through Instagram
  • Ready to give up (Or already have!)
  • Not sure how to use everything Instagram has to offer to connect with your readers
  • Knowing that Instagram is working for other authors, and can’t figure out why it’s not working for you…

I know it’s extremely overwhelming and discouraging. I’ve been there.

Posting every day and not seeing results. Losing followers. I even did “engagement pods” for a while… (I don’t recommend those in this guide!)

But I pivoted, learned what’s working now, and have had results I never thought would happen!

What would it be like if you had results you never thought would happen too?

  • If you could easily connect with readers eager to read your book
  • If you could show up on Instagram with confidence on what to post and how to make sales
  • If you grew your author platform with potential readers and stopped looking at your analytics tab only to be disappointed

step by step guide to growth and book sales, 50+ post ideas and caption templates for authors, 5 ways to grow your following, 10 bonus videos, 10 instagram stories templates and more

That’s what I created Accelerate Your Author Instagram to help with! In this step-by-step guide with video walkthroughs, you'll learn how to use the app to grow your audience and sell more books, with:

  • 50+ post ideas, caption templates and story templates to save you time searching for ideas

  • My proven story strategy for more engagement on your posts

  • The best post types to help you grow (Don’t worry, it’s not all about Reels!)

  • The under-utilized tools you should be using within Instagram to connect with your readers

  • How to know if your bio and hashtags are working for you

Plus, alllllllll of this:

  • A deep dive into each type of post: carousels, reels, livestreams, stories, and more so you can create successful, engaging content and know you’re using the right hashtags and caption
  • Setting up your profile so readers know you’re the right author for them
  • 5+ ways to get readers off Instagram to buy your book
  • 5 ways to grow your following
  • 5 ways to save time with video creation
  • Instagram checklist for growth and engagement


Here's everything you'll get access to today:

perfect your instagram profile

how to set up and optimize your instagram author profile to get more eyes (and readers) on your page

let’s talk about content

learn how to make feed posts, carousels, reels, livestreams, stories and collaboration posts work for you when it comes to connecting with readers and expanding your audience

post your content for high engagement and more sales

in this section, you’ll master

  • caption writing

  • hashtag research (including how to know if your hashtags are actually working!)

  • plus, my proven story strategy for getting more engagement on your new posts.

30+ post ideas and 15 done for you caption templates

50+ Done-for-you post ideas and caption templates you can use again and again!

With 50+ post ideas and templates inside, including:

  • 30+ post and Reel ideas so you know exactly what to post

  • Unlock 15 Instagram caption templates that will boost engagement and save you so much time writing captions

sell your book on instagram!

learn the 3 key things you need in your content strategy to make more sales

plus, how to get people off instagram and buying your book!

bonus stories templates to help you sell more books

Plus, Stories templates to help you sell more books!

Steal these 10 Instagram stories templates that will drive engagement, direct messages, and link clicks for your books!

understanding your analytics

You'll learn the most important metrics to watch out for so you can continue to grow and create content that works.

And you can get all of this now for just $37!


get these extras, grow your following, instagram engagement checklist

plus, you'll get all these extras:

  • 5 ways to grow your following

  • 5 ways to save time creating videos

  • getting comfortable on video and how to host a livestream

  • instagram engagement checklist

  • how to collaborate with bookstagrammers to expand your reach

Why am I the right person to help you with Instagram?

shelby leigh smiling and holding a journal

Hi, I'm shelby leigh! I’m a bestselling writer with an audience of over 500k. I’ve self-published and traditionally published thanks to my book sales, all from organic (not paid) social media strategies!

After years of studying marketing and managing social media accounts for large brands, I've learned what it takes to grow an audience, create content that resonates with readers, and most importantly, sell.

Now, I am a full-time writer and proud to help other writers achieve the sales they dream of.

I created Accelerate Your Author Instagram because I believe in the power of Instagram in building relationships with readers and creating a long-term social media strategy that works.

I truly believe that every writer can market and sell their book without it being overwhelming, without it taking up all of your time to write, and without spending money on paid advertising.

This step-by-step guide will help you do that and I can't wait to see the difference it makes for you!

Get all of this today for...

only $37!


"If you are looking to grow your presence on Instagram look no further. This guide has everything you need to help you build an audience!" -Jonathan, @poemsofthehart

Happiness Guarantee

I am confident that this guide will help you increase your engagement, following and book sales over time, IF you implement the tools in the guide!

HOWEVER I want you to know that there is no risk in purchasing today. 

Because if you don't love the guide and learn something new, you can request your money back in 14 days. No questions asked.


What happens when I purchase the guide?

  • After checking out, you'll get immediate access to download the pdf guide and reference it as many times as you need.
  • Lifetime access to updates: social media changes and so will this guide. I'll make updates over time to keep this guide as relevant as possible to the platform. When I make updates, I'll let you know via email so you can check out the updates.

What tools do I need to access the guide?

The guide is a PDF so most computers, tablets and phones will already have a PDF reader installed! Or, you can print it out.

Will this work for my genre?

Yes! The guide was created to work with any genre: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, romance, sci-fi, children's, YA, thriller, fantasy, and more! This will even work for writers who are looking to pre-launch their book.

Is this the same as the tiktok guide?

Nope! This guide is 40 new pages packed with information specific to instagram. There are a handful of repeat post ideas, and one page about content types that is the same, but otherwise it is all new information, with custom templates to take your author instagram to the next level.

How can I ask a question not listed here?

Send me an email!


*It’s so crucial that when social media adapts, we do too. As Instagram releases major updates, you’ll get updates to this Instagram guide for FREE.

I'm ready...take me to the guide!

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Download your guide here!

Click in here to grab your Instagram guide - a step-by-step guide with video tutorials on mastering Instagram as an author.

15 Fill-in-the-blank Caption Templates

These 15 fill-in-the-blank caption templates will save you so much time thinking of post ideas and what to write in the caption of your Instagram posts!

Steal These 10 Stories Ideas to Sell More Books!

Inside you'll find 10 ways to use Instagram Stories to engage your readers, build community and sell your books.

BONUS: 5 Ways to Boost Your Book Sales

A bonus class where I'll help you feel more confident than ever about selling your book on social media, by sharing top selling tips and busting marketing myths you might be following!

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