Consistent Content Toolkit: Get consistent on social media!

It's a struggle to be consistent on social media. I get it and I hear it allllll the time from authors I work with.

The Consistent Content Toolkit is here to help you stay consistent on social media so you can see results (AKA book sales!).

Showing up regularly builds trust with your readers and makes you more likable and top of mind, so that when the time comes and you drop your new book: your readers are ready to buy!

And no. This doesn't mean posting constantly or even every day.

This toolkit will solve your struggles with consistency, giving you a step-by-step content calendar, plug-and-play social media templates, post ideas, and tools and tips to help you finally be more consistent on social media.


It's no secret that consistency matters on social media.

Those silly algorithms like it when we're consistent. More importantly, we can better learn what is actually moving the needle for us, boost our engagement, and sell more books when we're consistent.

No more:

  • posting once and leaving your followers hanging for weeks (or even months!)
  • low engagement because you don't really know what to post, so... "here's a picture of my dinner!"
  • spending HOURS designing graphics and thinking of post ideas
  • researching ways to boost engagement and actually get sales through your posts

Because now, you have access to:

> A library of customizable Instagram templates to use for book launches and sales, PLUS so many templates that will engage your followers and build community

> A 3-month content calendar with post ideas and proven engagement steps you should do each week to build community and engagement, find new readers who are ready to buy your book, and more!

> A mini course on consistency: what it means, how to do it, and mindset shifts you need to get there!


Let's take a deeper look inside...

What's inside the toolkit?

consistent content class

How to really be more consistent on social media

This mini mindset class includes lessons on:

  • mindset shifts to being more consistent
  • what consistency really means (hint: it doesn't mean posting every single day!)
  • ideas to help you be more consistent

book marketing content calendar pictured in a computer screen

3-Month Book Marketing Calendar

You'll get immediate access to a 3-month content calendar, with post ideas and engagement tasks all outlined for you...

that can be repeated again and again!

No more guessing what to post or hopping onto social media and having no idea what to do to see results.

This calendar makes it easy for you!

30+ instagram templates

Instant access to over 30 Instagram Templates!

That's right: you're getting instant access to pre-made templates for Instagram posts, carousels, stories, and reels. These templates are plug-and-play and totally customizable. Just add your book title, photo, and post! You can also customize the fonts and colors to fit your brand.

You'll get:

  • 15 Instagram post & carousel templates
  • 10 Instagram Stories templates
  • 3 Instagram Reels templates

"The content calendar and templates are definitely worth the investment. Perfect for authors who are stalled or burned-out!"

Never forget to post and engage again...

With your Google Cal / iCal Engagement Calendar!

In this module, you'll get to download your own customizable calendar that embeds in Google Calendar or iCal. Your calendar will now remind you when to post, ideas for engagement, and other tasks to keep you on track with book marketing on social media.

Plus, open up the calendar event for helpful tips and tricks!


You'll also get a set of 3 book launch Instagram templates you can use for announcing new books, cover reveals, selling the new book, and announcing a launch event!

Ready to dive in?

Grab this toolkit for: a 3-month book marketing content calendar, a pack of Instagram Post, Story, and Reel templates, and an engagement calendar you can add directly to your Google or iCal so you can show up consistently on social media and sell. more. books!


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